Thursday, December 26, 2013

Morsi Up For High Treason in Egypt

Nadene Goldfoot                                                               

Morsi, former President of Egypt, is in hot water today.  He is being prosecuted for revealing state secrets to terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and to Iran's Revolutionary Guard.  He and 35 others which include the Muslim Brotherhood's top 3 leaders of which he is one,  are also accused of sponsoring terrorism and carrying out acts that train soldiers to undermine Egypt's stability.

These charges go back to 2005 and if found guilty, Morsi could receive the death penalty as this is high treason.  Giving security secrets to Iran is outlandish for a president to do.

Today, there has been suicide bombers in Egypt.  Several have died and at least 150 were hospitalized from such acts.  There was a suicide bomber on a bus, 3 suicide bombers in Cairo.

It wouldn't hurt to look into how Morsi became a candidate for president in the first place since Sadat had outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood being it was a known terrorist organization.  When President Obama spoke in Egypt, he had insisted on the group being in the audience.

Morsi finds this new allegation will be tried after his first official charges of inciting the murder of his opponents while in Office.  He was president up till July and was then removed by the military of Egypt which did cause massive protests from his followers.  That trial starts up again in January.  Allegations are that he and the Brotherhood worked with Hamas on a prison break freeing him and others during Egypt's uprising in 2011 which wound up killing 14 inmates.

This new charge finds that the Brotherhood's international branch has carried out violent acts to create violence in Egypt such as all the rioting.  A terrorist plot uncovered finds smuggling weapons into the country and smuggling members into Gaza to get military training from Hezbollah and Iran's Revolutionary Guards in order for them to create havoc in the Sinai. Seventeen people  of the 35 charged are missing and no doubt the police are looking for them.

Morsi's Brotherhood gets funds from foreign countries.  The claim is that state secrets were given to members out of the country, Hamas, Iran's Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah.

The Muslim Brotherhood's charter lists as their goal to destroy Israel.  One of the head speakers for the Brotherhood has been Qaradari who has come back to Egypt and spoke in the  Tahrir Square encouraging all to do violence.  The idea is to bring back Sharia Law.  That Morsi would think to team up with Iran, a Shi'a Muslim country is surprising being that Egypt is a Sunni Muslim Country.  Morsi was the leader of the Brotherhood's political arm.

Sadat had made peace with Israel and even came there and spoke to the Jewish people.  Shortly after that, he was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood who he had outlawed.

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