Sunday, December 29, 2013

Facing 2014 With Problems of Iran, Palestinians, 2nd Temple Site

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                       

As we approach the New Year of 2014, the news only gets more depressing and revealing.  Iran is working hard on enrichment of their uranium and is even busy designing a new centrifuge that will speed things up in this department.  It seems that only Israel is really worried about this since they realize this spells out an A bomb intended for them.  Though the USA is also considered an evil state by Iran, it doesn't seem to phase Kerry in the slightest.  Maybe he thinks his country is too far away to be harmed.

At the same time, Kerry had forced Israel to agree to releasing people in Israel's prisons to satisfy Abbas, and so the time has come around again for a new batch of murderers to be freed.  This will happen Monday according to this disastrous August agreement.  All the men are in prison for murdering.  I'm sure that they would never be released in the USA.  It would be considered a mad thing to do.  Also, the first round released has not appeared to make a dent in the determination of the Palestinian Abbas and troupe to demand more and more and expect to gain Jerusalem as well as all of Israel eventually.

What is worrisome are the agreements Kerry has written out to bring about peace.  The thought of giving up more land to the Palestinians which is necessary for Israel's safety is high on the list for cause to worry.  Giving up part of Jerusalem to some international committee is another thing that just should not happen; not after all the deaths Israel has experienced to people who care less about it.  We know that the forces brought in to help enforce safety in Israel such as the United Nations are always first to give in to the attackers.  They have no stake in the defense of Israel.  Netanyahu knows all this.  I'm wondering what threats are being held over his head to get him to comply to this nonsense.
This leaves problems with the mosque with the golden dome one sees in pictures of Jerusalem. That's snow in the picture above.  Egypt received their first snow in over 100 years.  Jerusalem and Safed are high up, so have had snow previously, but it is fairly rare.  This is the Mosque of Omar, also called the Dome of the Rock.  It's built right in the very center of the Temple area.  It was Caliph Abd al-Malik that constructed it there in 738 CE to replace the temporary structure set up by Caliph Omar a century earlier.  It is situated on the traditional site of Mt. Moriah.  Omar was the 2nd caliph who ruled from 634 to 644 CE.  During his reign, several Jewish communities were conquered; in Palestine, Syria and Mesopotamia.  It was on his orders that most of the Jews from northern Arabia were expelled.

He had then made a covenant with Jews and Christians assuring them of protection in return for the payment of a special poll tax.  He included certain restrictions and disabilities  on them.  They could not run for public office, wear distinctive clothes, could not built new houses of worship, and many other things.  This is the dhimmis position Jews have had to live under in the Middle East for the past 2,000 years.

 Moshe Dayan made an agreement in 1967 with Jordan that their religious heads would hold reign in this site.  The Muslim religious leaders do not allow Jews to even nod their heads a little ways away in prayer when they look at the mosque, which is ridiculous.  This was the site of our 1st and 2nd temple of renown.  Since it sits in Jerusalem which is again the capital  city of Israel, one would think that Jordan's religious people would find it in their heart to be a little more gracious and be thankful that Jews also pray to our one and only G-d, but no.

 This has aroused the ire of our young Jews who weren't around during 1967 and didn't know Moshe Dayan, and they are angry about not being able to walk up the steps and stand on such an auspicious historical site and say a prayer.  I don't believe that the Muslims have to pay any such poll tax to continue to visit the mosque Omar or his successor built.  Nor do they have to dress as a Westerner.  The Muslims that are citizens have all the rights of any Jew in Israel.  The Rabbis however, have found a religious reason why Jews shouldn't be on the grounds today.  So this should remain a peaceful decision in this next year and not turn into a problem. Perhaps a 3rd Temple will be built anew at another site in Jerusalem someday.


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