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Abbas Ignores Facts: Into Delusions Instead

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                         

                                                          Mahmoud Abbas born in 1935
The facts are that Israel became a state on May 14, 1948 when it was announced to the world.  This was all done through the United Nations where all the countries that belonged voted, and Israel was accepted.

The preliminary work on bringing this about started way back before WWI with many meetings.  WWI ended with the Allies winning, and so the Ottoman Empire, being on the Axis side with Germany, lost, and Britain was given the mandate of taking care of Palestine, part of the Ottoman Empire holdings.  France was given the mandate for Syria, and so on.  The UN had decided that the Jewish National Home should be created out of Palestine and that Britain was to see to it that it was brought about.  It was all very legal work.

Arabs, mostly nomadic people, lived there also, but not in large numbers.  They were Syrian Palestinians.  They hadn't been worked up to the pitch of thinking they had to have their own state until Israel won the war of 1967 after many attacks and former wars by their Arab neighbors.  Since then the Palestinians have been worked up to a feverish pitch to "have their own state; all of Palestine and call it Palestine.  One of the most worked up people is the leader of Fatah, which used to be called the PLO which was run by Arafat.  Mahmoud Abbas himself has fallen for his own rhetoric and believes it all.  This is the guy that Israel has to work with in peace talks.

Abbas has now been  telling people that Israel is "occupied Palestinian land" at a memorial this month.  Jamal Muhaisen gave this speech written by Abbas.  He said that "not an inch of the land of Palestine" has been "liberated."  He went on to say that "All our holy places are still under occupation, and so far we have not liberated one inch of Palestinian land.  All Palestinian land is occupied - Gaza is occupied, the West Bank is occupied, the 1948 lands (i.e., Israel) are occupied and Jerusalem is occupied."

If talking and telling delusional lies isn't enough, his people have created songs to suit his delusion.  They go along with their bloody way of getting things.  A song glorifying the weapon and the use of violence is "My Weapon Has Emerged,".  It was chosen as part of the National Security Band's performance at the memorial, which marked the anniversary of the death of a senior Fatah and PLO leader from the 1970's, Majed Abu Sharar.

"From my wounds, my weapon has emerged.
Oh, our revolution, my weapon has emerged.
There is no force in the world that can remove the weapon from my hand." 
                         (Official PA TV Live, October 9, 2013) 

A longer version of this song glorifies death.  This is so popular that it has been chosen to be performed at other events. 
"This revolutionary people has sacrificed and offered in order to live in  freedom!
My weapon has emerged.  My weapon has emerged. 
He who offers his blood doesn't care if his blood flows upon the ground.
As the weapon of the revolution is in my hand, so my presence will be forced (upon Israel).
My weapon has emerged.  My weapon has emerged."  

The general saying about  the PLO 30 years ago was that they could easily talk themselves into believing their own lies.  I was told a joke about it.  "A PLO fellow wanted to be alone with his wife, so he told his children that the ice cream wagon was outside and that they should go out and get some ice cream.  The children got all excited and lined up to get their quarters for ice cream from their father.  He got into the game himself and ran out to get his share."  Of course, there was no ice cream truck out there.  It was a ruse to get them out of his way. He quickly had believed his own story!   Talk about gullibility!

That's what has happened possibly to Abbas.  He believes his own stories.  In this case, his grandiose delusion is that he and his people, who have multiplied a great deal since 1948, wrongly hold themselves at an extraordinary high status in their minds as being the rightful owners of Palestine.

Fatah/PLO seem to be holding fantastical beliefs that they had a famous country of Palestine.  Palestine was simply the renamed land of Judah and Israel by the Romans.  They called it Palaestina to erase the history of their two states.  Bar Kokhba, a Jewish general of Judah, had created an uprising in 132 CE that lasted until 135, giving the Romans a very hard time, and so they retaliated this way when they won the final battle.  Since then it had been a desert-like mess of scrub-brush, marshes, mosquitoes, and weeds. Few people lived here or cared about the land.  Many empires came to hold it.   It was a place that nomads with camels tramped through, with few Arabs owning actual land, and if they did, they got tired of having nothing and sold it while they moved away to large cities such as Damascus or Paris.

Fatah has created a belief  for their people and themselves that they were once the famous country of Palestine and were omnipotent, wealthy and powerful.  It is a fantastic delusion which has an unknown theme as it can't be a religious one.  Islam didn't take place until about 620 with Mohammad's death.  Was it supernatural?  Was it a science-fiction delusion?  It seems that they and many others had done little research into proving that there ever was a country of Palestine.

Or has this delusion come about through being depressed in that they had made the wrong choices all along in not accepting the offer in 1948 of having their own state.  Instead, they held out with their leaders  wanting all of the land.  As it was, Israel lost 80% of the total amount of land promised according to the Balfour Doctrine because Britain took it upon themselves to allow Abdullah to take what was known as Transjordan, which was part of the deal to be the Jewish Homeland.  It was a big piece of the pie.  Abdullah took that land, Jews accepted the other 20% left to them which was part of the land they had been settling in since their return in the 1880's and that left nothing for the holdouts, the nomadic Syrian Palestinian Arabs who thought their land was Syria anyway.  At every offering, the PLO has said NO.  They're still saying it.

When you get right down to it, the Palestinian Arabs are being squashed by their compadres, Hamas.  Their self worth has gone down the drain since Hamas kicked them out of  Gaza and they are shored up in Judea and Samaria.  They were not  the power group.  Hamas has been and  even though they have talked of joining together, haven't agreed to that union, either.  Each one insists on being the top dog.  This is a problem seen all over the Middle East for centuries, anyway.  Author Lee Smith talks about this power struggle in his book THE STRONG HORSE-power, politics, and the clash of Arab civilizations.  

The Palestinians have little knowledge about themselves other than the Arabian Nights Tales  fed to them from infancy.  We are seeing the 3rd generation  of people who have been living in refugee camps since 1948, places their leaders led them to instead of making peace with the Jews of Israel.  They have no work and depend on education from UNRWA.  They have been living on the dole instead of through their own talents.

 Read Mark Twain's THE INNOCENTS ABROAD,  that tells what the nomadic Arabs were doing when he visited the Holy Land in 1867 and you will see what he thought of them.  p. 188-We had a tedious ride of about 5 hours., in the sun, across the Valley of Lebanon.  It proved to be not quite so much of a garden as it had seemed from the hill-sides.  It was a desert, weed-grown waste, littered thickly with stones the size of a man's fist.  Here and there the natives had scratched the ground and reared a sickly crop of grain, but for the most part the valley was given up to a handful of shepherds, whose flocks were doing what they honestly could to get a living, but the chances were against them. .....The plows these people use are simply a sharpened stick, such as Abraham plowed with, and they still winnow their wheat as he did - they pile it n the house-top, and then toss it by shovel-fulls into the air until the wind has blown all the chaff away.  They never invent anything, never learn anything."

page 203:  Palestine is only from 40 to 60 miles wide.  The State of Missouri could be split into 3 Palestines, and there would then be enough material left for part of another - possibly a whole one.  From Baltimore to San Francisco is several thousand miles, but it will be only a 7 days' journey in the cars when when I am 2 or 3 years older.  ...but one journey from Dan to Beersheba will be sufficient, no doubt.  ...Therefore, if we chance to discover that from Dan to Beersheba seemed a might stretch of country to the Israelites, let us not be airy with them, but reflect that it was and is a mighty stretch when one can not traverse it by rail.

About the Bedouins:  These chaps would sell their younger brothers if they had a chance, I think.  They have the manners, the customs, the dress, the occupation and the loose principles of the ancient stock.  [They attacked our camp last night, and I bear them no good will.]  They had with them the Pygmy jackasses one sees all over Syria and remembers in all pictures of the "Flight into Egypt," where Mary and the Young Child are riding and Joseph is walking alongside, towering high above the little donkey's shoulders.  But really, here the man rides and carries the child, as a general thing, and the woman walks.  The customs have not changed since Joseph's time.

The Palestinians' identity has changed from being Syrian Palestinians before 1967 to Palestinians after rib-jabbing from their leaders of Fatah and Hamas.  Their morals are neither of Islam, Christianity or Judaism.  They are new ones,  all concerning killing Jews, allowing their children to think that Israel belongs to them and they can take it away from them with suicide bombers and the bloodiest of killings as the song above suggests.  Anyone that is a suicide bomber or has killed many Jews is revered  and applauded and remembered in programs, so you can see what kind of morals they have developed.  People like the religious leader, Qaradawi, have added to this delusion.  He's the one who calls Jews apes and pigs.  Now that's the way to lead the way, an old man calling names.  He had a big place in theater in Cairo, Egypt as millions came to listen to him speak.  He's also on al Jazeera every week spouting venom, in Arabic, of course.

Go to a school in Judea-Samaria, so called the West Bank, named by Jordan who took it without a fight from Britain, and you will not see a map of Israel.  That's because they have labeled it Palestine.  Does UNRWA care?  And of course, if Israel interferes with their education, they will be crucified again for being the occupation.  Of course they are not occupying  this section.  They have the PA to govern them and have had them for years now.  That's why they are in the red.   Oh yes, they owe Israel lots of money for their utilities.  They have no way of earning an income, only being the ones receiving help from their surrounding neighbors.

The surprise is of how much Abbas has changed in his philosophy.  "He was among the first members of Fatah to call for talks with moderate Israelis, doing so in 1977. In a 2012 interview he recalled: "[...] because we took up arms, we were in a position to put them down with credibility."  Now, with John Kerry, he is thinking he's in the driver's seat and has demanded that Israel free all their killers of Jews from their prisons or he won't talk about any peace agreement.  Why he sat down and agreed to spend almost a year to discuss peace and then changed his mind and brought this up hasn't been questioned.  In mid stream he has demanded this, and is getting it.  Whatever was said to Netanyahu has forced him to release horrible killers no country would even hold.  They would have been given the death sentence elsewhere.  Israel has no death sentence.  The future Palestine will have not one Jew in it, so they say.  Israel's citizens include about 1.7 million Arab citizens.  What a difference of philosophy and morality!  

Resource: Palestinina Media Watch,  by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik.
Wikipedia, on Grandiose delusions.

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