Thursday, July 12, 2012

Israeli Controls Robot With Mind Over a Thousand Miles Away

Nadene Goldfoot
Tirosh Shapira has an ability most of us would love to have.  This student is not weak willed, but very strong minded.  When Tirosh was situated inside an MRI scanner in Israel, he was able to control a humanoid robot 1,250 miles away at the Beziers Technology Institute in France.  He only had to use his mind.

According to the article, the MRI read his thoughts and the computer translated those thoughts into commands which were sent across the Internet to the robot.  So to be fair, one has to have an MRI connected to the Internet  to help those thoughts work.

What's amazing to me,  is that  the MRI sees the blood flow in our brain.  A particular thought or blood flow pattern turns into a command.  So that means that what we think causes our blood to flow in a certain way.  No wonder people who harbor hatred so much can die an early age and that its unhealthy to be that way.  It must be connecting to commands to the heart.

All Tirosh had to do was to think of the movement he wanted the robot to do and it did it.  The usefulness of this trick would be to form new armies of robots and send them into battle instead of humans.  Paralyzed people like the famous physicist Stephen Hawking could use robots to interact with the world by replacing their body with a robot somehow, though I can't see how this can happen.

I think the amazing fact of this ability is that our thoughts have a real scientific affect on things such as forms of energy as well as MRIs.  Could there be something to Uri Geller's tricks after all?  He's the Israeli who bends spoons with his mind besides other achievements.  What we think could affect our fetuses after all, ladies.  So now we know that our thoughts connect up to our blood flow patterns.  Watch it!  It can be for the good or the bad of your health and....maybe even the wealth of our nation.  Remember that book, "The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peal?"  No wonder we need 10 people for a minion.  There's power in those prayers!


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