Thursday, July 19, 2012

Being Jewish or Being Israeli is Being Different

Nadene Goldfoot
Jews have always been looked upon as being different from other populations.  That's nothing new.  Today Israel is sitting in an isolated geographical area of being in the middle of Islam.  She is an "island of liberty in a sea of Islamist tyranny on the crossroads of cultures and business and religions."

Ever since Abraham and Sarah broke away in Ur (today in Iraq) in the 2nd millennium BCE  with their family and left that land of idol worshipping, they have been looked upon with suspicion, being a weird people that believe in an unseen G-d.  Jews have traveled a long road of strict monotheistic belief in one G-d and of treating others as they would love to be treated.

Israel is looked upon in most capitals of the world with disdain and envy, shown by constant criticism.  The UN holds her to higher standards than any other country in the world.  Her enemies are countries that others are afraid to anger and have already kowtowed towards. Usually, wherever her people go to speak or perform, they are protested everywhere they go.  Her wares are held under protest as a form of punishment. Anti Semitic attacks have been happening all over the world.  People want what they create but don't want them.

Now her people are still being killed in outright murders of terrorism, continuing a cycle already started.  It happened  in Bulgaria again just yesterday.  One wonders why this outrageous killing has dared to happen to young tourists on holiday, and I can think of only one reason.  The political attitudes that have condemned Israel for defending itself against murderous attacks has helped to shape the attitude that it's okay to take out Israelis today.  After all, so many condemn them.   Religious groups are leading the way to actively killing Jews once again wherever they are.  The Jewish Chabad House was attacked in Mumbai, India in December 2008 killing the people inside.  Terrorists had killed good people who wouldn't have have hurt a fly, there only to help others.

Hasn't it been Qaradawi in Qatar who ordered a fatwa to kill  all Jews everywhere?  Evidently there are those who are taking it seriously and are carrying out his wishes.

Resource: Rabbi Jonathan Greenberg July 19, 2012
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