Sunday, March 25, 2018

Why I'm So Happy About John Bolton As Our National Security Advisor

Nadene Goldfoot
John Bolton was our United States Ambassador to the United Nations in 2005 and 2006. an appointment by George Bush.  "President Donald Trump announced his appointment as National Security Advisor, to take office on April 9, 2018."

As Ambassador, he defended Israel.  He wasn't shy about it.  He defended Strongly.  
That's more than many presidents have done. 
 We had a defender in John Bolton.  He didn't buy into the Palestinian claims of land
 ownership in Israel.
  "In June 2011, Bolton dismissed Palestinian claims to statehood as a "ploy."  Why?  He was up on his history as well as the activities of people in the area.  Bolton stated in June 2004 congressional testimony that Iran was lying about enriched uranium contamination:  He understood the aims of the Iranian government to snuff out Israel.  

Bolton Is Gary Cooper in High Noon for Israel, Dr. Strangelove in Apocalypse Now for Everyone Else-in the UN click. 

"The removal of H.R. McMaster and appointment of John Bolton as United States President Donald Trump’s national security adviser was met with joy in Jerusalem, with dread in other capitals." Israel hopes Bolton will help defend them against Iran. 
Bolton is known as a tough guy.  He's another who doesn't mince words.  He's direct.  That's us.  That's America.  We've admired straight shooters.   

John seems to me to be his own man, which is rare these days.  He's not part of a cabal.  He'll do as he sees is right for his country.  What's important is that he's not part of the former Sec of State John Kerry before Clinton or or during her reign.  It was Kerry who fawned over the Iranians and got us the nuclear deal with them in the first place, and Obama and Clinton either followed suit or directed it.  Now Trump and Bolton will have to halt this mess.  

One thing, Bolton will work well with Trump. As was said in 2017, "
'After Obama, Netanyahu finally has a real friend in the White House,' says former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton." 
Eliran Baruch12/4/2017 Information Security engineer
Today we couldn't be luckier with the President Trump appointment of Ambassador Nikki R. Haley. 

  She's Bolton's equal and even more if that's possible.  She's not shy about speaking 
the truth to the UN in her defense of Israel. Perhaps she was even an admirer of Bolton.  Why are these two people defending Israel?  
It's because they see the truth and it doesn't interfere with any pre-conceived plans of theirs
like other people have had.  Every time Nikki has spoken about Israel  I have had reason to cheer.  She had been the Governor of North Carolina and knows how to be emphatic about righteous causes such as Israel.  Young as well as beautiful, she reminds me of Queen Esther speaking up for her people, only she isn't Jewish, which makes us even luckier, for no one can say that she's self-indulgent over her own.  She just sees our Israel's position clearly.  .  

Pete Hegseth on Fox News " also noted that "it's an ongoing reality that from Baghdad to Damascus, to that entire region, Iran seeks the destruction of the State of Israel. It's 'Death to America, death to Israel -' we're in this together. And it's happening right now under our noses. Some of the people that we have supported in that region have tacitly allowed Iran to expand its influence even more - which is a huge problem. It's ongoing - every day, [Israel's] existence has to be fought for, and this is an important step to show that we really do care."

Those that scream about Bolton being appointed are people who don't give a nickel for the life of Israel or its people.  That's how I see it.  The #1 problem Israel and the USA are facing is the action that can come from the Ayatollas of Iran who bubble and boil in their hatred against the West and Jews.  Our previous government put us both in the direct path of destruction. Now these tough guys, Trump and Bolton, must face them as brave Americans would and should.  They stand shoulder to shoulder with Israelis.  May G-d be with them both.  High Noon.  Yes, indeed.  

John Bolton mentioned here.  

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  1. i sure agree with you nadene :)

    good to know they both speak up for what is right and fair. israel hasn't had a fair shake for a long time.