Monday, October 3, 2016

The Strings on Latest Military Aid Package to Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                             

The latest military aid package took months of discussion to receive.  Over the next 10 years Israel will received $38 billion, which amounts to about $3.8 billion per year.  The USA Senate is in favor of this aid, and Israel needs it badly with all the opposition and threats coming at them.

This chart from the Jewish Virtual Library  below shows where money goes.  These 3 are missile defense devises.

Defense Budget Appropriations for U.S.-Israeli Missile Defense

($ millions)
System Type
David's Sling
High Altitude Arrow-3

Receiving military aid from the USA is not a new achievement as seen in their next chart.

A 10-Year Military Aid Agreement

In August 2007, the Bush Administration agreed to increase U.S. military assistance to Israel by $6 billion over the following decade. Israel is to receive incremental annual increases of $150 mllion, starting at $2.55 billion in FY2009 and reaching $3.15 billion per year for FY2013-2018.
$2.55 billion
$2.70 billion
$2.85 billion
$3.00 billion
$3.15 billion per year
Israel receives the FMF (USA Foreign Military Financing) aid in a lump sum in the first month of the fiscal year. The funds are placed in an interest bearing account and that interest is used to pay down Israel’s debt to the United States, which was $1 billion as of December 2006.
What's different now under Obama is that strings have been attached not used before. 
The $38 billion includes $33 billion in FMF financing funds and an additional $5 billion in missile defense funding.  However, it turns out that it is not wholly a declaration of undying support for a trusted ally from Obama.  He made certain that the agreement includes 2 provisions that can be taken as an added punishment;  not only punishing Netanyahu, but Israel, too.  For it has been seen,  Obama does not like Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister.  Obama doesn't always win the arguments between them!  
I. Previous agreements gave Israel the right to use 25% of the aid money for local purchases of military aid such as things made right in Israel.  Not this time!  
II.  Israel can no longer petition the USA Congress for supplemental funds if the need arises.  Israel cannot accept additional funds should Congress offer!
Why the change?  There are many reasons possible: 
a.  Obama's frustrations with Netanyahu not agreeing or complying with moving back to the 67 so called line. To do so would put Israel in harm's way-in great danger already proven by history.  
b. Obama seeing Israel unlike previous presidents as a friend and ally
c. Obama seeing Israel as a colonialist power fighting poor oppressed Palestinians

d. The USA- Iran deal that Netanyahu arrived uninvited to the Senate begging them not to pass the deal as it stood and to keep the sanctions on them. 
Iran showing hatred and intent for Israel
and Netanyahu, Prime Minister
Ahmadinejad sending an atomic missile
 Israel had been threatened many times to be hit by an atomic bomb.   They will soon have the capacity to do so.  
e.. Obama's revenge, extortion on Netanyahu, for we know there is no love lost here. In 2011 with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Obama told him after hearing the French tirade of not being able to stand Netanyahu and calling him a liar, Obama retorted, "You're tired of him;  what about me?  I have to deal with him every day." Congressional Republicans and AIPAC also agreed with Netanyahu and were publicly against the Iran deal, opposing such a policy.   My comment is that dealing with real dangers of terrorism is indeed tiring, more to Netanyahu than these 2 couch potatoes.  It must interfere with Obama's golf dates.   
Yes, we thank Congress for passing the deal today,  It seems that Congress is also being punished since Israel can no longer lobby legislators directly now with this 2nd string attached.  Incidentally, it is the body of Congress that allocates funding.  The string prevents Israel from spending any of the aid money locally in Israel.  It Congress wants to allocate additional funds in time of attack-therefore a high state of need, and does so, going against Obama's wishes, Israel will be forced to return the money by this agreement.  Without this agreement after months of haggling, Israel had to comply.                                                          
The hurtful fact is that Iran has already received more than this amount of money from the USA. Remember the money paid to them recently that was due, according to Obama?   Obama gave them $1.7 billion for hostages, but denied the reason and said it was money past due.   "They paid in cash through Swiss banks to Iran around the time American hostages were released this year, about four times the amount originally disclosed to the public."  Why pay in cash like paying a ransom?  " Our government said it was because Iran was desperate for foreign currency after years of Western sanctions, according to one source."  Sure.  
Is Iran now considered a friend after all the deadly and horrid threats they have made to Israel?  We also owe China money, a great deal of money.  Why didn't we pay them first?   


  1. i think, and i expect, there will be more stabs in the back from the current white house before leaving office.

    it is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. psalm 118:8
    it is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes. psalm 118:9

  2. You certainly are right, Andre. For a do nothing Secretary, Hillary sure can come up with stabs at Trump lately! Especially with this Miss Universe scandal! And then the stab about the tax evasion with bankruptcy, etc. Israel has been stabbed in the back by our government that I also love so many times. We have had very selfish people in government. The book, "THE SECRET WAR AGAINST THE JEWS; HOW WESTERN ESPIONAGE BETRAYED THE JEWISH PEOPLE" by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, certainly spells it out. It's authenic, John Loftus is an attorney, former prosecutor with US Justic Dept Nazi-hunting unit, access to top-secret CIA and NATO archives. Aarons is an internationally award-winning investigative reporter, exposing Nazi war criminals in Australia. It took me a long time to read this book and digest it, as it was so shocking. I never realized the disgusting things that were going on against us.

  3. i'll look into that material, nadene. thanks for telling me about it.
    i think our current president has much stabbing yet to do, and sadly, others will jump on the bandwagon. seems to be in vogue.......
    but that is biblical.
    God has a plan. i've read The Book and know this is true.
    just wait and see, right?