Sunday, May 15, 2016

Trandsjordan Is Palestine

Nadene Goldfoot                                                          
Palestine-1917-1922:  All inhabitants were Palestinians; Jews and Arabs alike.
It was a name given to the land of Israel and Judah (Judah being the southern end of Israel)
by the Romans who were naming the land they took in 70 CE for the Jewish enemy-the Philistines.
They liked to run the noses of their conquered people in it.  It was their way of getting even with
Aluf Bar Kokhba for being the hardest general they had had to fight against.  
British held Mandate over Palestine; April 24, 1920 map.
Documented to be the Jewish National Home-in Mandate.
Britain was to help the Jews reach this goal.
Now King Abdullah has had enough Arab Palestinians in Jordan.  

The Arabs wanting a state called Palestine actually got it when King Abdullah took 80% of the land away from the Jewish Homeland.  All of what was called Palestine-was named by the Romans after 135 CE after a 3 year war with Aluf Bar Kokhba, a Jewish general who had retaken Jerusalem and held it for 3 years until he was killed in battle with the Romans.

The League of Nations, created at the end of WWI in 1917, became defunct with outbreak of WWII in 1939,  stood by when this severing of land was done by the British in 1922.  The allocated land  became Transjordan.  Jewish settlement there was then barred.  That's why the Jews didn't get to settle there in their ancient homeland which was Judea and Samaria.  It was the Jordanians who called it all-The West Bank.  Yes, the western bank of the Jordan River.  The part they kept was called Jordan. Jordan annexed this West Bank in 1950.

When the United Nations  was created on October 24, 1945,  they replaced The League of Nations. They partitioned the 20% of remaining Palestine to be the Jewish National Home into 2 states.  This is the map of 1922.  

Arabs then controlled about 80% of the land of the British Mandate that was meant to become the Jewish National Home.  The Palestinian Jewish State held  about 17.5%.  Gaza, occupied by Egypt, was the remainder.                                                
Now Israel's wee land can be hit by missiles, mortars and rockets,
and must guard diligently for safety.  Gaza finds it very easy to hit
southern Israel.  Notice that Israel got the Desert of the Negev.  What
Jordan created made the situation that much harder for Israel in their
creation of their own state.  
 Why is it that the Arabs living in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and East Jerusalem need their own state?  There are 48 Muslim majority states in the world.  Most of their Arab connections probably are already in Jordan and are Jordanian subjects.  They had their day with Black September when they tried to take over Jordan and lost.  Why not let Abdullah do the leading?

Palestinian Arabs never were a people like the Hashemite Kingdom once was.  That's who Abdulah's people are; Hashemites.  Palestinian Arabs were from all over the Middle East.  They were people looking for better wages, looking for jobs.  They had heard that Jews were hiring.  They came.  They found a few large landowners that were Arabs already living there.  Some of them sold out and moved to Paris and other exciting places.  These Arabs were never land holders.  They never had a country of their own.  They mostly were nomads.  Now too many of them have become terrorists.  Their tribe is their gang of terrorists.

We have Jewish communities in Judea and  Samaria-our old homeland.  We have taken Jews out of Gaza where the Palestinians who were affiliated with Arafat and his PLO have turned more savage and now follow Hamas, the outgrowth of the PLO only much worse.
My high rise apartment in Safed.  We were lucky to live on the fround floor.
We had to have bars on all our windows.  Can you imagine having bars on your living room windows?  
 Isn't this what can happen if Judea and Samaria have to exile all the Jews from there as the Arabs follow the Nazi rule of having no Jews in their midst?  That's what they plan for their state: to be Judenrein.  The UN knows this.  The horror is that being that close-they can also rain down rockets, mortars and missiles easily from there.  Even the Jews removed from  Gaza have a hard time finding a home to live in in Israel, as it's getting very crowded.  People live in high rise apartments.  The creation of a Palestine will mean the same thing to Jews of Judea and Samaria.

Resource:  Myths and Facts by Mitchell G. Bard, Joel Himelfarb, page 32; answering the accusation that Israel had usurped all of Palestine in 1948, which some people would like to believe-but it isn't true.  


  1. ur this pic is different ... good info and knowledge .

  2. Hi Khan. Thank you. I thought it was something many people might not have known about. Do you mean the pictures of the maps? I was shocked when I learned how much we had lost of our intended Jewish Homeland, too. We're left a tiny piece and Abbas and the Hamas terrorists want much of Israel's tiny share. Let them take some from Jordan who took what they have illegally. I

    1. I am talking about ur pic i understand it. Ur articles are very knowledgeable.

    2. I am talking about ur pic i understand it. Ur articles are very knowledgeable.

  3. Oh! Khan, I'm happy it was about my picture. Yes, this picture I have posted on my blogs was taken by my son about 7 years ago. It was less than 10 years ago, I know for sure. The picture I'm using on facebook which shows me standing in a dress was taken before that, so it's an older picture. I'll have to replace it with a more up to date picture. I'm getting older, like all of us. So you are right. The picture is different; both of me, but from different years.

  4. Khan, I see what you are talking about with pictures. Yes, I have posted a picture of me in this article from 1981 in Israel, and I was heavier (fat). I also had my natural color of hair. Up until age 18, I had blonde hair, and then it started to get darker. We women do things like this quite often, bleach our hair to be a blonde. Living in Israel, did decided to let my hair be natural. Now, I'm skinny again and my hair is natural-staying light by itself.

  5. Khan, also, I was wearing my hair covered by a scarf. Orthodox Jewish women do this in Safed where I lived. In Jerusalem, the custom is for women to wear wigs over their hair. This custom goes back to the Middle Ages in Europe. I notice that the Arab women also cover their hair with scarves. They tied their scarf on in a different way from the Jews and sometimes the color of the scarf was only white for the Arabs. Evidently a woman's hair excites both Arab men and Jewish men so we cover it for modesty. I didn't have to worry about my hair living in this city, but Haifa was different. This city's customs were more like the USA's . It is a newer city. Safed is ancient-like Jerusalem. However, my apartment building was new.

    1. Thank you friend. If we speaks in pashtu the word Haifa city than we will speaks "Khaifa" befoe 1970 pastun women were cover hairs and open out from home in village.. But after 1970 the burka clture was come in pashtuns.

  6. So Pashtun women now wear burkas? I think their village clothing is so beautiful. That's sad that they are all covered up now in a burkha.
    Khaifa. is the kh sound sort of deep and rumbling in your throat like it is in Hebrew like you are clearing your throat? Our word for friend, Khaver, starts with that sound. It is written with a khet, vet, raish (from right to left like in Arabic). So you are my

    friend חָבֵר.

  7. In pashtuns villages women wear burka and burka reached to pashtuns society to sounding influence. In pashtu literature for "SH. Sound is "KH.And for "H" " KH" same like Hebrew language. Our capital city name in English and in Urdu Peshawar but iPashtu literature the name is