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Europe's Anti-Semitism Lying Fallow Has Bubbled Up Again With Blood Libel, Etc.

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                           

 Rashi, Jewish biblical commentator who was born in Troyes, France in 1040 CE, studied in the Rhineland and died in 1105 CE.  His ancestors had fled Jerusalem in 70 CE and found refuge in France where anti-Semitism is again very high.  Jews had been living in France before 70 CE, however and most likely were merchants and traders.  When Christianity was introduced there, the Jewish position deteriorated.  By the 8th century under Charlemagne and his house, things had  improved.  Murderous attacks became common after the 1st Crusade of the Christians in 1096.

Anti-Semitism has risen in the past few years in Europe.  In Warsaw, Poland, the acts are happening worse than other places in the world where such acts are happening every day.

1.  13% of Poles still think that Jews are guilty of the "blood libel."   In this country alone, 3 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust.  They had held the largest Jewish community in Europe.  That was 90% of the Jews living there.  This was something that came out of Christianity in the Dark Ages.  People made allegations that Jews murdered Christians in order to get blood for the Passover or other Jewish rituals.  The first mention of this was in Josephus (Against Apion II, viii 95) who said that Apion made the charge that Jews sacrificed a Greek every year in connection with the Temple service.  Democritus, a writer, said that Jews sacrificed a stranger once every 7 years.  Many centuries later the charge was used to stir up the masses against Jews.  In the Christian world, the first charge, in 1144 CE,  was that at Easter the Jews martyred a young boy in mockery of the Passion of Jesus.  Easter and Passover happen almost at the same time, so they added that the blood was used in the recipe of making matzos.  A child, William, in Norwich,  England, was said to have been used for his blood. In 1913 in the Beilis trial in Kiev, the blood libel was used which shocked the world.   The charge has persisted in such places as Poland where in 1928 it was used in a ritual murder charge.  It was used in 1929 in Lithuania and in Bulgaria in 1934.  The Nazis made great efforts to revive the libel during their period of power.  The Catholic church of Poland unveiled a very anti-Semitic painting earlier this month that had been kept hidden since 2006.  Why did they do this?  They had protests from both Catholics and Jews who opposed the depiction of Jews murdering Christian children in the classic anti-Semitic blood libel propaganda.  It only added fuel to the fire of anti-Semitism.

The most important fact here is that since Moses gave Jews their Mosaic Law back in c1311 BCE, Jews must make the utmost care not to ingest any blood.  They have rules about what part of an animal is allowed to be eaten, and it is the least bloody part. First, when an allowed animal for consumption is slaughtered, blood is drained out so as not to be eaten.   They must soak the meat in salt water to get rid of any blood.  In cooking, meat is to be well done so as not to ingest any remaining blood.  Blood is regarded in the Torah as the seat of life or even as life itself.  The prohibition of its consumption is one of the 7 laws given to Noah and is repeated many times.  The punishment for violating this prohibition is to be "cut off" from the people.  Jews only eat certain animals such as cows, sheep and goats.  They would never ever eat a human or desire their blood!  This blood libel is an anathema to the truth of what Jews eat, but these primitive people have no sense or desire to seek out the truth, evidently if they continue to believe such a fallacy.

2. 63% of people in a poll believe in a "Jewish conspiracy" to control the banks and international media.  The Jewish people are only 0.02% of the people in the world.  The 6 million in Israel are very busy defending themselves against their Islamic neighbors like the 22 million Syrians, 5 million Lebanese, 6 million Jordans, and especially the 77 million Iranians who wish to drop an A bomb on them from their uranium  goals.  Jews are good at making money and have been forced into this profession from the Christian acts of not allowing them to own property or being in any other business except money lending which they thought was beneath their own Christian people.  Today, more Jews are into being lawyers and doctors and scientists than in banking.  If Jews controlled the international media, they are doing a terrible job as most all of the media is against Jews and especially Israel!  How dumb to believe this.

3. 18% still believe that Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus Christ.  The same Christians tell us that Jesus was a Jew, so how the Jewish leaders convinced the Romans, who were nailing thousands of Jews to their crosses every day that Jesus should be included is beyond our mentality but not with the anti-Semites.  It was the execution of the Roman army.  Anyone who threatened their status was put on a cross.  Don't blame the Jews for this.  Being Christians believe Jesus is the son of G-d, surely, in my mind, he would have had the power to not allow this to happen if he didn't want it to happen being he was on a higher level than the average human being.  Take it from this Jewess, he knew it would happen and didn't stop it for his own reasoning.  A thought of mine is that he was never recorded to have claimed he was the son of G-d.  In Judaism, we are taught that we are all the children of G-d.  That's why we should act on a higher level and not have such carnal  behavior as some possess.

4. 35% believe that Israel is a country that does not stop at nothing to achieve its goals.  Jews of Israel do not intend to be slaughtered.  They have the Holocaust as a great reminder of what people were capable of doing to their ancestors.  They are also people of a religion that demands that they follow laws of humanity and justice which does not include harming civilians who are innocent of any wrongdoing.  During the 3 weeks from December 27, 2008 to January 18, 20009 of going into Gaza in Operation Cast Lead, after being hit with rockets, mortars and missiles since 2001,  they used the utmost restraint and put themselves in harm's way many times.

5. 21% believe that Israel gives the Palestinians the same  acts that Jews received from Hitler during WWII.  They may believe in doing that to people, and I believe that many Arabs also felt this way and quaked in their boots knowing how they had treated Jews and expected the same treatment in return.  However, Jews have the opposite attitude.  They know how they felt when oppressed and do not treat people other than humane ways.  Since the Syrian war, many injured have come to Israel's border for help and have been treated in their hospitals, and they are not rich in medications or bandages, but are using what they have on hand for these people.  Do you think that a Jew could have received medical help from the Germans or Poles during WWII.  Those who were helpful towards Jews are recognized in Israel as righteous people and are honored for their behaviors, but they were few and far between.  This idea of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth is not followed.


1. The reverse Nazi salute or quenelle is being practiced by athletes around the world.  

2. Desecration of Jewish cemeteries and revelations of anti-Semitic violence against Jews is on the rise.  

3.  European governments should be held responsible.  In Malmo, Sweden, the mayor was very anti-Semitic and not even a native Swede and allowed all sorts of atrocities to happen against Jews so much that many were forced to flee to Israel.  Germany's government has taken great steps to enforce anti-Nazi behaviors in order to quell anti-Semitism.  

Resource: Arutz Sheva,
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia

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