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Anti Zionism, Anti Semitism: It's All the Same, Isn't It

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                     

After the First World War in 1917, Hannah Arendt, Jewish German-American  political theorist and philosopher,   told a joke:
John  An anti-Semite claimed that it was the Jews who had caused WWI.
Henry, his friend answered:  "Yes, the Jews and the bicyclists."
John:  "Why the bicyclists?"
Henry:  "Why the Jews?"

Yes, why is it that Jews have had to suffer, who are the objects of the longest hatred, which  historian Robert Wistrich has dubbed it.  " Wistrich is "a leading scholar of the history of anti-Semitism."  He is the Neuburger Professor of European and Jewish History at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and head of the International Center of Anti-Semitism.  The web is full of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.  Just check out facebook.  The opportunity springs at every chance.
The Jewish people have stood out as being different ever since they broke away from Ur in Iraq with Abraham in the 2nd millennium BCE who circumcised Isaac at 8 days of age. These strange people who only believed in one God were a standout from the crowd, all right.  Everyone else knew there were a multitude of gods to pay tribute to.  These were stubborn stiff-necked people.  They wouldn't bend.  They were called the Chosen People with the 10 commandments.  What people didn't understand was they they were chosen to bear the responsibility of being an  example, not that they were better than other people. Then they had committed the ultimate crime.  They killed Jesus.  I still haven't heard the end of that accusation, which we have denied to the fullest.  We all know it was the Romans who put him on the cross, of which thousands of Jews had previously been under the same punishment in the days of occupation of Judah by them.  We have been finally forgiven for that sin which we did not do nor are responsible for by the Pope, and are grateful for his kindness.  To kill a god still does not compute in my weak mind, but that be as it may, was the feeling that is found even in the "New Testament."  The Jew's lesson of love and forgive was not meant to include his people, evidently.

Even as recently as 1896, a French captain Dreyfus was on trial in enlightened France where a reporter, Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, thought that the reason of the anti-Semitism he was witnessing was the anomalous condition of the Jews:  a people without a polity of its own.

 You see, the Jews had lost their country in 70 CE and had been living in other people's countries. going from one to the next, seeking refuge from just this;  anti-Semitism.  Their country had been Judah.  The Romans had conquered and burned down Jerusalem.  The northern part of their land had been called Israel and had been overcome in 721 BCE.  It was a much larger kingdom than Judah had been.  It had been in existence for 210 years.  Israel  had lost out because of constant warfare with the kingdom of Damascus (Syria) and both finally fell before the power that came along, Assyria.  Sargon captured  Israel's capital, Samaria, in 721 BCE which ended their freedom and history.   Thus, the start of the "Wandering Jew", or the captured Jew.

Herzl argued patiently for establishing a Jewish state.  He wrote a thesis called "The Jewish State" in 1896 which was published 2 years after the Dreyfus trial, where an innocent Jew was found guilty because he was used as the scapegoat of the French politicians and their enemy, Germany.  Herzl thought of  the creation of such a Jewish polity and predicted that a mass emigration to it of European Jews would spell the end of anti-Semitism.  His political treatise turned out to the one of the 20th century's most prescient books, but anti-Semitism has not stopped in Europe.  Herzl and most Zionists after him continued to believe that the emergence of a Jewish state was necessary,  as they had been witness to Russian pogroms, but some people are still convinced that anti-Semitism will end only with the disappearance of the Jewish state. One of the most orthodox Jewish groups in New York feel this way.  They have led a very insular life-style in the safest of all countries, the USA and are being used by the Muslims in their nasty propaganda.  .

Now that we have had Israel for the past 65 years, the notion continues that this is the primary cause of anti-Semitism, because the Arabs have reacted so violently at the Jewish return.  They seem to react viciously at the mere idea that Jews who had found some bit of refuge in Europe have no rights to their old homeland. In their mind, Euopean Jews have become tainted with European blood.  You see, the higher level Muslims intermarry with their relatives a great deal to keep their line pure, and they don't see the Ashkenazi Jews as being very pure.  They refuse to see them even as Jews.   The Belgian ambassador had the chutzpa to tell Natan Sharansky when he visited Israel that anti-Semitism in his country would end once Belgians no longer had to watch pictures on TV of Israeli Jews oppressing Palestinian Arabs.

Wrong.  Anti-Semitism is not the cause of this phenomenon that started over 2,000 years before.  However, it could be the cause of the contemporary anti-Semitism.  Arab propagandists, journalists and scholars now use the methods and vocabulary used to demonize European Jews for centuries.  Jews are again being called "Christ-killers" and have been charged with poisoning non-Jews.  There have been fabricating of blood libels and things similar.  In the Middle East where Christianity has been chased out daily by the Muslims, this lurid and time-worn Christian anti-Semitism is being used by Israel's 22 nation neighbors.
February 2003, the Egyptian government while at peace with Israel suddenly broadcast on its state-run TV a 41-part series based on the infamous Czarist forgery about a global Jewish conspiracy to dominate humanity, THE PROTOCALS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION.   This was left-over hatred propaganda from the Nazis that was being believed by the uneducated and educated Muslim nation.  To make sure they had high ratings, the show was shown at prime time when millions of families were breaking their traditional Ramadan fast.  The Arab satellite TV also rebroadcast the series to million of others in the Middle East, probably on Al Jazeera.

Now we see that anti-Semitism is in so many colleges and universities where the academia have bought into the condition to blame Jews for everything imaginable.  It's so much easier today than seeking out their own problems.  We even see our past Vice President, Al Gore,  purchase Al Jazeera TV of Qatar in English for a business of his which is now in the USA.  Just try to find a TV carrier that does not have it listed with them.

What is it, Soma, that was spoken of in the book of Brave New World?  It was the ultimate power to tame the masses and keep them satisfied so that the powers to be could do what they wanted?  Drugs, that's what young people today do.  They get stoned.  Then they don't have any worries or knowledge or cares.  Today we have luring TV news broadcasts claiming very one-sided opinions, usually in blaming Israel and making fun of somebody showing another idea, such as Fox News.  The world is just catching up to George Orwell's  1984. " public mind control, dictated by a political system euphemistically named English Socialism (Ingsoc) under the control of a privileged Inner Party elite that persecutes all individualism and independent thinking as thought-crimes

 I heard President Obama do just that today in his speech.  Everyone jeered at the name of Fox News as he spoke.  Yes, they are one of the few who have spoken out against anti-Semitism by defending Israel on many occasions.  City newspapers do the same thing, even down to the day they have to cut their losses and their paper delivery or when they close up shop completely and hang out the shingle-No more news.

The Jewish State of Israel, which came into being after the Holocaust, kept from being a refuge by the British for 6 million Jews who were gassed and burned, could have saved lives.  Our Herzl saw it coming but could not imagine the depths of the need nor the evilness of the world.  Israel came into being legitimately, being voted upon by the League of Nations.  Can the Arabs say that no one asked them?  No, they cannot, as Abdullah was the leader, the most educated of all the Arabs at that time.  He held all the power, and was all for the idea of the Jews' return.  He foresaw that his Arabs could learn from the industrious Jews and get educated that way.  In the end, the English did not speak straight with either party, him for the Arabs nor to the Jews, but left them both with high hopes that were dashed.

The Jews received about 20% of land that was promised to them-through the League of Nations.  Abdullah received that land which was on the east side of the Jordan River.  He had been promised his kingship for helping the British and Chaim Weizmann had been promised a state for his stateless Jews  who had been suffering from anti-Semitism for 2,000 years and his promise came because he had saved Britain with his invention that produced a better weapon in which to win the war in the first place.  So the old anti-Semitism crept in to color the tone of this business deal in the shuk.  Arabs suffered from no such condition. They never had their own country that they had lost to vile enemies, either.


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