Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Muslim "Rabbi" Who Doesn't Like Jews-Especially AIPAC

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His name is MD Rabbi Alam and he was born in 1971 in Bangladesh, a country on the border of India.  "In 2008 President Obama hired him as the  “satellite campaign manager” for Barack Obama’s 2008 election effort, who was subsequently rewarded with an invitation to the White House in 2011".  I had to do a double-take when I saw his name and wondered how it would come up on google, and it did-the whole shebang.

First of all, this 42 year old man has had a lot of education but is not an MD.  I don't know what his first name is or what the MD stands for, which is also listed as Md in some places, and he's not from Maryland. He has a Master's degree, but to my knowledge this doesn't give him an MD, which means medical doctor and that type of doctor takes a lot of education.  He's to get his PhD by 2015.

His father is a veterinarian.  You don't inherit that title.  Now for the Rabbi.  What Muslim has ever been named Rabbi?  That is strictly a Jewish term which means teacher in the Jewish religion.  Alam has been a teacher but is far from being Jewish.  In fact, he's very much an anti-Semite.  He is also a Democrat.

He is the founder of the American Muslim Political Action Committee, called AMPAC for short.  He's also the organizer of the Million Muslim March to be held on the anniversary of 9/11 in Washington, D.C. They changed the name to "Million American March.", but it has been changed back to the original one.   The USA had about 2.6 million Muslims in 2010.  They also had 115,000 legal Muslim residents that registered in 2009.  They make up about 0.8% of the USA population.  States which have over 100,000 are California, New York and Michigan.  

The march is a demonstration to bring about their demands.  One is for new laws to protect their 1st amendment civil rights.  They are angry because they feel that ever since 9/11 they have been victimized, and so has their religion of Islam.  The 2nd demand is for the release of the 9/11 Commission Reports.  .Then they are also angry about our government's fight against terrorism in Muslim countries and the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act Law.)  It's all interfering with their act of Dawa, which is proselyting about Islam, and they want to do more of that.  

  Now it comes.  They are challenging the "stranglehold the Jews of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) have on American politics", so they say.  He's one who is pushing the conspiracy theory that Jews were behind the 9/11 attacks.  "He also participated in an event with a Muslim cleric who characterized the Israelis as terrorists, and accused the United States of inventing HIV."  

 A favorite plan of attacking Jews is to post complete lies and he has done that which have been debunked by the State Department.  For everyone's information, the World Trade Center tragedy took with it the lives of 5 Israelis and from 200-400 other Jewish people whereas he's been announcing that strangely, why didn't any Jews die and where were they?  If one isn't on the ball and does something like google or Snopes it, you may not learn what it true and what is  passed around propaganda.  

He probably uses Al Jazeera to spread his words around.   Al Jazeera America, the North American flagship of Al Jazeera, the multinational television network of Muslim ownership based in Qatar, was launched with headquarters in New York City in January 2013. It will air on this coming Tuesday.  Al Gore, our former Vice President,  is the co-founder.   Americans will get one version, but a much more extreme version is played to Muslims in Islamic majority countries.  

This is one vicious Democrat who defies all our good values in this country with his discrimination of Jews who have been in the USA long before he ever knew about it.  


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