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The Egyptian Situation with a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Complex

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                        

A year ago the 83,688,164 Egyptians,  out of which those who voted,  made a terrible mistake in voting in as their 5th president,  the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Morsi on June 30, 2012.   They are an organized but evil group.  After about 6 months the people realized their error and finally threw out Morsi on July 3, 2013, causing something almost like a Civil War in Egypt.  The Military took over but Morsi’s people are adamant about getting him back in power and have stooped to forceful attacks to gain it.  Egypt is now in such a bad state that businesses have closed up and people are afraid to be out in the streets if they’re not the rioting kind.  A total of 83 people have died in riots, mostly of the Muslim Brotherhood fighting against the Military power.

Morsi had been arrested on January 28, 2011 for being the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was an outlawed group by Sadat and Mubarak as they were violent and would change the law to follow Sharia law instead of their secular law.  He was in jail for only 2 days when there was a jail break and now it is thought that Hamas terrorists were the ones who broke him out.  They share the same sort of charter goals.  Morsi had Mubarak put in prison, though he was sick and elderly, and now the Military has done something similar to Morsi.  He has been held incognito somewhere and his arrest has been ordered.  The Military have been building a criminal case against him.

Even embassies have closed up and are not capable of helping anyone to leave as the streets are not safe.  Israel’s embassy is closed as well as the USA and Britain’s programs cannot keep to their schedule, either.

The United States made the decision to continue funding Egypt even though their contract was for Morsi's reign.

What people thought was a good Morsi, like Dr. Jekyll, had turned into the evil Mr. Hyde, just like having a split personality, or dissociative identity disorder.    In this one body they found 2 personalities who were vastly different in their moral character.  The Muslim Brotherhood’s Charter calls for the destruction of Israel and Jews, which many Jews are fully aware of.   Truly, the Muslim Brotherhood personality was the stronger.  More likely Morsi had planned all along to put in Muslim Brotherhood goals.  It seems like promises don't mean much to his group or him.  Let this be a lesson.  Those who want to destroy Jews just because they are Jewish are evil and will not turn out to be successful.  Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood  have  driven out most of the Christians, and there are only a few Jews left in Egypt.

Besides riots and demonstrations and deaths that have incurred, his backers are planning a sit-in now in a mosque in northern Cairo, which sounds like a safer way to demonstrate.  Just Saturday, 72 people were killed in riots.  Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood has vowed to continue taking to the streets to demonstrate.   They've had a march on the Army intel headquarters.  Their violence is being met with violence.  Obama has asked the military to be more democratic and allow more peaceful demonstrations.  I've never seen a demonstration remain peaceful with hot-headed people, though.  It's hard to maintain.  It's like telling a child to hold the ice cream cone but not eat it.

I still do not understand how the Egyptian public was so naive as to vote in the Muslim Brotherhood.  This was as bad as the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza voting in Hamas, a terrorism organization as their political leaders.  All they had to do was to read their charter and know where they intended to go.  It seems they all have a Dr. Jekyll Mr Hyde complex; to be the country they were under Sadat or to be the country under Morsi.  It wasn't enough for the USA and allies to back democracy.  They should have looked to see what finagling was going on to get that vote.  They should also have looked into the moral character of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas to see that it was not compatible with Western democratic ideals.

There is so much possibility for Egypt if they stick to Sadat's decision of peace with Israel and can get their house in order.  I can imagine a bus going from Egypt's Cairo to Tel Aviv, a distance of about 250 miles.  There was a time in 1981 when tourists from Israel were lucky enough to go to Egypt for a vacation.  Two of my friends went, and a cousin also visited in the 90's.  No way can this happen now.  The Arab Middle East is not happy with their own governments.  They war against themselves.

Update: 7/30/13  There are at least  500,000 Syrian refugees living in Egypt and only about 80,000 are registered with the UN.  It seems that most were prevented from doing so, and must live by their wits without funding from the UN.  Egypt does not keep the refugees in camps, which is a good thing, however, but it makes receiving assistance non-existent.  It was Morsi who welcomed them in, and the Military who is threatening them with deportation due to some being more on the Muslim Brotherhood side. About 70 have been incarcerated.   They have now assured the UN that they are welcome, but they are still not receiving any assistance.

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Notes: updated population from 79,089,650 in 2011 to 83,688,164  July 2012; also said to be 91 million today.  

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