Monday, June 3, 2013

Jewish Contributions in Medicine for the World

Nadene Goldfoot                                                       

                                            Doctor Jonas Salk b: 1914-d: 1995

1.  Dr. Ehrlich, a Jew, invented Salvarsan, a cure for Syphilis.  It's used all over the world.

2. Dr. Wasserman, Jewish, invented the Wasserman Test, which is the test used to test for Syphilis.

3. Dr. Neissner, a Jew, invented the method used to diagnose if someone has Gonorrhea.

4.  Heart disease in people is improved upon with Digitalis, a discovery by Ludwig Traube, a Jew.

5. Many a toothache has been helped by  using Cocaine, a discovery of Widal and Weil, both Jews.  Watch it, though.  I'm not in favor of cocaine for anything.  Call me straight-laced.

6.   Diabetes is treated with Insulin, the result of research by Minkowsky, a Jew.

7. Headaches are helped by Pyramidon and Antypyrin, discovered by Spiro and Ellege, both Jews.

8. Convulsions do not have to be put up with because of the scientist who proposed the use of chloral Hydrate for treatment, Oscar Leibreich, a Jew.

9. Having trouble with psychic ailments?  Phobias, fears, etc?  They have been helped with psychoanalysis by Dr. Freud, a Jew who is called the father of psychoanalysis.

10.  Diptheria used to kill people who came down with it.  The "Schick" reaction was invented by Bella Schick, a Jew.

11. Ear and brain damage are treated from the work of Nobel Prize winner, Robert Baram, a Jew.

12.  Infantile Paralysis used to invade many people's bodies including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, former USA President when he was young.  It cripples for life.  The discoverer of the anti-polio vaccine was Jonas Salk, a Jew.

13.  Tuberculosis, spoken of as TB, killed many people before Streptomycin was invented by Zalman Waxman, a Jew.  It was considered as a wonder drug.

14.  Lung problems have been cured by the dermatologist, Judas Sehn Benedict or the lung specialist, Frawnkel with their discoveries.

Do you still think we are bad people?  Note that all these discoveries have have saved people rich and poor alike.  

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