Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Bigots' March in Washington DC to Curb Aid to Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
The biggest problem Israel is always facing are lethal attacks such as rockets, mortars and missiles as well as suicide bombers and such.  The next biggest problem is anti-Semitism/anti-Israelism.

A march is planned to demonstrate such views of bigotry on January 19 in Washington DC.  It's bringing out all the malcontents who blame Israel while cheering on the people trying to destroy her.  Who leads the pack?  Why, some of our self-destructive Jews, of course, like the "The Jewish Voice for Peace", people that don't care to read or understand a thing about their own people.  One of the leaders is Noam Chomsky, a man I have spent many an hour arguing with via email about Israel.  He has taken a stand against Israel and G-d himself won't change him.  He may know  about linguistics, his PhD area.    No matter what proof   I came up with, he denied it all.  He should have stuck to Linguistics.  

What they are doing is not trusting in the Senators that Americans have elected democratically.  This fringe group thinks differently than the Senators who have explored the subject. At least they know that Israel needs a certain amount of dollars which have already been approved, even in this time of financial need ourselves in the states.  They know what the stakes are.

Arab nationalists are all against Israel, of course and will be in the demonstration.  The Muslim Public Affairs Council, Islamic Society of North America,  and Council on American-Islamic Relations will all be in on the act.

Religious Christian groups such as the Presbyterian Church and the United Methodist Church are also against Israel and will be marching.  There's even a Washington Interfaith Alliance for Middle East Peace and they're in the act, too.  They've been hard nosed for quite some time advocating such things as not buying from any Israeli company.  15 churches wrote letters in October supporting congressional investigations into US aid to Israel.  They are boasting that the stance of the church will decide the future of the US-Israeli relationship.

These anti-Israel people follow the lead of the American Arab Anti-discrimination Committee (ADC) who make out that prosecuting Muslims for terrorist deeds are acts of political persecution.  They honored columnist Helen Thomas with an award after she told Jews to "get the hell out of Palestine" and that "Congress, the White House,  Hollywood and Wall Street are owned by the Zionists."  So you can see just how they think.   Jews make up all of 0.02% of the world population.  We sure do "OWN" a lot that bothers the rest of the world. like Helen.  The USA contains about 2% Jews, most of which are liberal Democrats.  Helen, now 92 years old, with parents  from Christian Greek Orthodox church in Tripoli, Lebanon, is sure shook by us.  She must not have thought Major Hadad was doing right by siding with Israel in fighting the Palestinians.  She retired in June of 1910 after her nasty comments about Jews.

What do they profess to want?  They want US aid to Israel to stop.  Do I see complaints about US aid to Egypt who is now under Muslim Brotherhood control  who is threatening Israel and all Jews everywhere?  They're even a threat to the Egyptian Christians, for heaven's sake!  Oh no.  Aid to Egypt must be fine.  They certainly do need those updated F-16's.  And who are their potential enemies being they have so many Muslim neighbors?  Why, it must be Israel.  Israel is promised more aid dollars than Egypt, but then it has more enemies as well, and it is a very democratic state.  It's situations like Egypt's Arab Spring that causes Israel to need financial help from the USA.  Ironically, it was the USA's desire to create a democratic state without looking into the culture and religion that brought about the Arab Spring and Mubarak's downfall that has put Israel in jeopardy.  .

And as for the Jewish Voice of Peace, a San Francisco group including rabbis, I'd like to get ahold of them and give them a piece of my mind.  Then I'd like to expose them to some lessons on the history of Israel and what's been going on, especially on International law from International Law lawyers.    That should be followed up with a trip to Israel to actually see it, something I did and lived there for 5 1/2 years.  Put this together with our own Jewish history in the USA and the world and they just might learn something no matter how thick headed they are.

What they are doing is insisting that Israel get no money unless its on their terms and their concept of legality. Netanyahu, PrimeMinister of Israel would love to have a peaceful Palestine next door that Israel could be friends with, but until a special day comes along, it's not in the works of happening right now.  Right now Israel is in constant peril and needs to be prepared.  Taking away defense money from Israel is spelling out their doom.  Is that what they are aiming for?  It sure seems so to me.


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