Tuesday, June 30, 2015

IS Beheads Women Now Besides Usual Tortures

Nadene Goldfoot                                                             
Al Qaeda started it.  This Saudi woman was executed for adultery. 

IS has a vendetta against women, too.  They have burned those alive those resisting rape by their soldiers; stoning for committing adultery, and now they have beheaded 2 women and their husbands for AN ACCUSATION of witchcraft.  This happened yesterday.
Execution shot with a crowd watching for adultery
Beheaded for sorcery 
They obviously have set up no parameters about having 2 witnesses for an act besides having a judge for such goings on.  Just-oh, witches, eh; off with their heads.  They do not even have the skills down to behead a person.  Last time I witnessed the start of one, the horror was done with a paring knife instead of the long saber one pictures doing it quickly.  Even the adultery is just an accusation; without witnesses.  Some law they are bringing to the land; the Medieval kind from Europe's 500s to 1500s.  

The beheadings were witnessed by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in Deir al Zor, Syria.  IS has executed 3,000 people of which 1,800 were civilians they didn't approve of in their society.  Out of this group, 74 were children.
Earlier, Christian woman in Mosul, whose throat was slit by IS, blood dripping into bowl for what reasons?  There, children were beheaded.  
They must have been Christian children.
Using dagger instead of saber
They even pick on the elderly.  Back on February 9th, it was made known that an elderly man was beheaded by a couple of masked IS men being the executioners outside of Raqqa.  He had also been accused of witchcraft.  There was a crowd who gathered to watch, just like in those same  Middle Ages, also known as the Dark Ages.

Before that, these IS murderers had thrown a man off a 7 storey building for the accusation of being a homosexual.
The USA had their period of killing women who were accused of witchcraft back in the early days of the country in the late 1600s, mainly
Burned at the stake 1690s Salem, Massachusetts
 in Salem, Massachusetts.
1578-1650 Matteo Roselli, Italian artist, Judith and Holofunes.  Judith had cut off the head of the enemy Assyrian general , Holofunes,  in northern Samaria's city of Bethulia. Story originally written about in Hebrew, preserved only in Greek. -Hashmonean era.
One can forgive the ancient days of grotesque slaughterings of innocent people, but today in this scientific age where man has already gone to the moon?  There is no forgiveness, only disgust from  normal people for such a blot on society as IS or anyone drawn towards such warped evil. 
Resource: http://www.jerusalemonline.com/news/middle-east/the-arab-world/isis-beheads-women-accused-of-witchcraft-14306

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  1. However, the Syrian government is still fighting to maintain outposts in other parts of the country, including the cities of Hasaka and Qamishli in the northeast, Deir al-Zor city in the east, Deraa in the south and Aleppo in the north.
    Deir al Zor is the city in this article where the woman was beheaded. Seems IS got to that, too.